Resharpening and recoating of Circular and Percussion Blades
Circular and sickle blades for bread slicers are more durable than gang and moreover band blades. However, they are also regularly put out of service. Manufacturers recommend keeping a few freshly sharpened knives in stock for timely replacement.

We can help you restore dulled knives to their original appearance. Depending on the type and condition, blades can be resharpened up to 7 times.
Your resharpening service All-round reconditioning of your circular knives and sickle knives/ impact knives for the bread slicers.
How we operate:
Sending dull blades
You send old blades to us by courier service.
All-round preparation of your blades
We remove the old coating, re-tooth your blades and recoat the blades.
Shipping the finished blades to you
We will send your newly remanufactured blades to you by courier service.
We check your blades for the type, scope and cost-effectiveness of the necessary reprocessing before gear cutting. Blades that can no longer be resharpened or can only be resharpened uneconomically will be returned to you marked and at no cost.

We bring your blades back into top form.
Highest diligence in testing, reprocessing and reshipment
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