Machine blades
for bread
We offer a wide range of machine knives (band blades, lattice blades, circular and sickle blades) for various bread slicers from different manufacturers, such as AMF, Dovaina, Gasparin, Hartmann-Selectra, Hoba, IPEKA, JAC, PS-Mako, Rego Herlitzius, TREIF, UBE.
The design features of bread slicers from different manufacturers have been taken into account in the development of our products. The machine knives offered are therefore suitable for different bread machines.
All bread knives are manufactured on Europe's most modern equipment - a fully automated production line - and are subject to strict, computer-controlled quality control at every stage of production.

The focus of our product developments is always on improving the work processes for our customers and business partners.
Band Blades (knives) For Bread Slicer Machines
High-quality band blades (knives) for various models of bread cutting machines, such as HARTMANN, PS-MAKO, IPEKA, HOBA, UBE, REGO HERLITZIUS, DOVAINA, etc.
Framed knives for various Bread Slicing Machines
High-quality frame knives for various bread-slicing machines, such as BERKEL, DAUB, DELTA, GASPARIN, JAC, MAHO, REGO HERLITZIUS, UNIMAC, WABÄMA, etc.
High-quality circular and curved knives for bread slicing equipment of various manufacturers: HARTMANN, REGO HERLITZIUS, TREIF, WABÄMA, etc.
Circular and Sickle blades for Bread Cutting Machines
Our Services
Additional services have been created by us specifically to support our customers and business partners.
Sharpening of Knives For Bread Cutting Machines
Resharpening of circular and sickle knives for bread slicers of all manufacturers. Optimal solutions for special toothing according to customer requirements.
Special coating technology when applying special coatings to baking trays, baking tins, knives for bread slicers, and special solutions for different surfaces.
Individual solutions for coatings in the food industry
Professional support in the choice of optimal knife toothing
We help you find the right knife cutting profile for every cutting task. We show you the ideal toothing technique for bread machine cutters.
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