Non-stick coatings on knives, baking tins and machine parts
The appearance of the finished baked products and their durability depend to a large extent on the quality of the coating of various surfaces, especially on machine knives or baking moulds in the food industry.

We coat band knives, gang knives, circular and sickle knives, as well as other surfaces from the industrial sector for food production. Metal, machine parts or spare parts, ceramics, plastics, as well as recoating of wear parts.
We offer special coatings on baking trays, baking tins, knives for bread slicers, cones of circular knitting machines and other surfaces.
What we provide:
Non-stick coatings for knives from the baking industry PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE
Coatings - and recoatings of machine parts for industrial food production
Better non-stick effect, Sliding properties and higher resistance to abrasion and lifetime
In your daily bread slicer production process, when bread products are separated by machine in one cutting operation, it is necessary to avoid crumb residues on the cutting blades. Our high-quality non-stick coating gives you a technological edge in your daily production process and guarantees smooth running of the machine.
The novelty and function of the coating
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