For lubricating of band blades of various bread slicing machines, such as HARTMANN SELECTRA, PS-MAKO RIANTA, etc.

Thanks to modern plants and equipment, we can offer felt tubes with an ideal surface quality, uniform structure and density up to 0.60 g/m3. The product is available in any size and can be made to your dimensional specifications.

Bread slicer manufacturers recommend the use of a felt tube for knife lubrication due to the unique properties of this material. Felt is a particularly strong natural material that has good flexibility and elasticity and conforms to the arcs of the knife without damaging it. Due to its temperature resistance and low thermal conductivity, the felt tube does not heat up the knife during oiling, and the fine-pored structure of the material absorbs excess oil.
The felt tubes are produced in the classic manufacturing process by felting and fulling. For felt production, we use highly modern production equipment, the setting of which is based on a process that is thousands of years old and thus enables the production of high-quality technical wool felt.
Length: 1000/400/470/340
other sizes on request
Dimensions (mm)
Density (g/cm3)
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