We offer a wide range of framed knives for bread slicing equipment of different manufacturers: ABO, BERKEL, CLEWE, DAUB, DELTA, DUMBRILL, GASPARIN, HERISTAL, IBONHART, JAC, JEREMY, KALMEYER, MAHO, OLIVER, REGO HERLITZIUS, UNIMAC, VLB, WABÄMA, SUNRISE, etc.

In the production of the frame knives, design features of bread slicers from different manufacturers were taken into account, therefore the offered machine knives are well suited for different bread slicers machines.

All lattice knives are manufactured on Europe's most modern facility - a fully automated production line - and are subject to strict, computer-controlled quality control at every stage of production. Special attention is paid to the serration and innovative sharpening technology of the knives, which achieves precise quality and increases the useful life of the frame knives.
With our lattice knives, you profit from a consistently cut result with a particularly long lifetime of the bread knives.
The frame knives are offered in sets of 50 pieces in a package.
0,5 or 0,7
Width at a thickness 0,5 mm (mm)
10 or 13
Width at a thickness 0,7 mm (mm)
Distance between fittings (mm)
250, 258, 260, 270, 272, 285, 297, 315, 398
Mounting diameter (mm)
hole Ø 5,4 or pin Ø 3 х 5,1
Teeht pitch

type 1: simple (without coating)
type 2: anti-stick coating, PTFE, "antibacterial coating", uncoated teeth
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